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We have been lucky with the weather (although today isn’t looking so great), and we have been so fortunate to have a team of fantastic volunteers, who have worked extremely long hours in order to create a stunning garden.  Mike Russell has certainly designed the most amazing show piece and I am so grateful to him for all the time he has given, in order to achieve the finished project.


Fantastic plants and veg fill the garden

We are nearly there now – today will consist of all the finishing touches and fine detail extras.

Yesterday evening the water feature received some TLC and it now looks as though it has been established for years.  The wheel (which can just be seen at the top of the photo below), when turned, regulates the flow of the water – such detail!

Water feature

A well established water feature

The head sculpture, made from old Land Rover parts, has a character all of its own – it made me smile when I saw it – made me think of Wizard of Oz or, as someone suggested, a Tim Burton movie, take a look below.


He looks a real character

And so at 9am tomorrow morning judging will take place.  Results will be out at 11.30am and so I have everything crossed for all those who have spent so much time – most of it on a voluntary basis – to receive the credit and recognition they deserve!  I won’t be able to add to this blog until Sunday, but if you want to find out how we do follow @amanjon on twitter.  Or better still – come and see us at The Shrewsbury Flower Show – Friday 13 and  Saturday 14 August 2010.


Stained glass

The piece of stained glass featuring in the arbour


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Number 1 ‘garden journal’ writer has to be Dawn Humphries – her latest post:

Diary entry

Much euphoria this morning on the watering run, as at long last the seedlings are showing life and coming through…..still no sign of the sweet peas…. yet I live in hope!!!!  I have  instructed the cats to be extra vigilant on their patrols, as someone mentioned it might be mice…..what with slugs and caterpillars and now mice, I think I might be ringing Rentokil for their extermination squad.

Despite such sabotage, the veggie sitting is going very well, all are looking very established and healthy in their new pots and enjoying the sunshine.  I do, however, know that one of my colleagues has a polytunnel (no competition sneaking in here).  But, so as not to be out done….. I hear than nettle tips and comfrey left in a bucket of water makes rocket fuel plant food, (I don’t actually know what comfrey looks like and the children are not keen on nettle picking) but I shall not be deterred…..now where did I put my tape measure!!!”

So back to Headway Shropshire and the art room….

There certainly are some very creative people at the centre on Oxon Business Park.  Since we started the project, Rachel and I have been delighted with the colourful and original ideas, so much work has been put into pieces which will feature in the garden.

These plaster of Paris flowers are ready for painting, judging by the colours that have been used on the back drops, these will look both eye-catching and pretty.

Plaster of Paris Flowers

Ready to be Painted

The arbour to the rear of the plot will feature a stained glass window.  Designed and created by Frans Wesselman, information about Frans can be found on the credits page, but his logo itself is a stunning piece of artwork.

Frans Wesselman

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