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We have been lucky with the weather (although today isn’t looking so great), and we have been so fortunate to have a team of fantastic volunteers, who have worked extremely long hours in order to create a stunning garden.  Mike Russell has certainly designed the most amazing show piece and I am so grateful to him for all the time he has given, in order to achieve the finished project.


Fantastic plants and veg fill the garden

We are nearly there now – today will consist of all the finishing touches and fine detail extras.

Yesterday evening the water feature received some TLC and it now looks as though it has been established for years.  The wheel (which can just be seen at the top of the photo below), when turned, regulates the flow of the water – such detail!

Water feature

A well established water feature

The head sculpture, made from old Land Rover parts, has a character all of its own – it made me smile when I saw it – made me think of Wizard of Oz or, as someone suggested, a Tim Burton movie, take a look below.


He looks a real character

And so at 9am tomorrow morning judging will take place.  Results will be out at 11.30am and so I have everything crossed for all those who have spent so much time – most of it on a voluntary basis – to receive the credit and recognition they deserve!  I won’t be able to add to this blog until Sunday, but if you want to find out how we do follow @amanjon on twitter.  Or better still – come and see us at The Shrewsbury Flower Show – Friday 13 and  Saturday 14 August 2010.


Stained glass

The piece of stained glass featuring in the arbour


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The art boards are finished – they will feature at the back of the garden – behind the arbour and the fruit trees, and slightly up the sides.  The clients at Headway Shropshire have spent an enormous amount of time creating these and they are amazing.

Painted Board

One of the Boards

They have created 12 boards in total – we are going to have some fun next week selecting which one goes where.

A board

A Real Splash of Colour

The boards will have a protective finish applied prior to facing the elements.  Obviously we hope for some sunshine as the metalic gold paint particularly will look so pretty with the sun glinting off it.


Metalic Gold Features on the Boards

This time next week construction begins, I’ll be posting photos of the garden as it starts to take shape for the Shrewsbury Flower Show on Friday 13  and Saturday 14 August.  Hopefully by the end of the day on Thursday 12 August it will be finished, the video will be completed and we’ll be ready to enjoy showing it off to the public, our friends and clients of Headway Shropshire – it should be an enjoyable couple of days.


Lined up Ready for the Show

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I have mentioned in previous posts how the Art Room at Headway Shropshire is an amazing place, all those paints, fabrics and materials make me want to sit down and ‘get creative’.  When we started the project, I didn’t realise just how many fantastic ideas would come from this room.  We have the splendid, colourful backboards – there are shimmering butterflies and now a vine of copper leaves has been created.

Welding Leaves

Leaves being welded to make a vine

Once the leaves had been welded onto the stem, someone popped it in a tree so that we could see what it would look like!

Copper Leaves in a Tree

Getting the full effect

With only 34 days to Show Day – things are starting to rev up a bit, we have our Chamomile lawn being grown – courtesy of a very kind member of staff from Lanyon Bowdler.  The first draft of our flyer for handing out at the Show has been mocked up, which looks great.

The Quarry park in Shrewsbury will soon start to come to life with marquees being built – it takes several weeks to get ready for the Flower Show, let’s hope summer stays with us just a little longer.

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Rachel visited Headway Shropshire last Friday to take more photos of the artwork being produced by the clients, and the progress in the garden and greenhouse following the generous delivery of goods from B&Q.

She was amazed by the amount of work already produced by the clients, and astounded by the beautiful colours being used on the backboards and various materials bought from Scrappies.

Painted Board 3

Amazing Colours and Patterns

The clients have obviously been busy as  five backboards have already been painted and look ready to go into the garden!  The use of colour and texture on the boards is wonderful.  Frank has confirmed that the clients who use the art room have been incredibly enthusiastic about the project and it has been a hive of activity in the past few weeks.

A Mass of Colour

An Array of Colour

This is evident in our photos – take a look on the photos page for more images!  Several of the boards were standing in the woodwork room, as they appear to be running out of space in the art room.

Rachel then went to check on the garden, and she was greeted with another pleasant surprise.  One of the raised beds, previously been empty on our last visit, was bursting with shrubs and bedding plants.

Raised Bed

Plants are Flourishing

It’s amazing how in the space of a few weeks nature really can bring things to life.  There has been plenty going on in the greenhouse too, as it was full of freshly sown seedlings, such as marigolds, sweet peas, and nasturtiums.

Tomato Plants

Grow Bag with Tomato Plants Sprouting

A grow bag with tomato plants, and behind the greenhouse a tub of potatoes!

We are delighted that the goods donated by B&Q have been fully utilised, including the mini greenhouse, which according to Terri, (a member of the Headway staff) the clients have found very useful to be able to just stand in front of and pot plants, without having to get into the greenhouse or bend down.

As the weather has been quite poor in the last week, it’s been easy for the clients to sit inside and pot up, which they thoroughly enjoyed and it’s kept everyone busy.

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I cannot believe we’re now into May.  We’ve been running this project for a good couple of months, although it has been in my head a lot longer!  I suppose it was always going to take some time sourcing materials and getting going, but I feel we are already on countdown and I’d really like to see lots of plants coming to life!

But hopefully we can now really get going as, thanks to the Shrewsbury branch of B&Q, this week supplies of compost, grow bags and seeds have been delivered to Headway Shropshire.  Plus we have a 4 tier mini greenhouse and 2 staging tables.  B&Q have been fantastic, we provided a wish list and they delivered it!  We have invited them to come along to the Show in August and help man the garden – their orange bibs will add a bit of colour.

Delivery from B&Q

Mick and Liz from B&Q pass the goods to Frank, Mike and Terry

We have also sourced – through B&Q – some suitable material to form the backdrop to the garden.  Once primed with a base coat, the art department can set to work creating their stunning feature.  Hopefully as work progresses I can post a few shots.

Next week Rachel is off down to meet with Heather from Wiggly Wigglers – we hope they are going to help us achieve our allotment themed garden, plus they have all sorts of wonderful garden ‘things’ such as colourful composters – not sure we need any worms though!

Of course we have the in-house volunteers, Rachel is tasked with sorting out who is growing what, and now of course we can call on some additional help from LG Solicitors – who we merged with on 1 May.

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Last week a couple of support/voluntary workers from Headway Shropshire took a trip down to Church Stretton in South Shropshire to visit Scrappies – I’ve not been there, but looking at the website and hearing about what is on offer, it looks a brilliant place to go if you are into arts & crafts.

For just £10 our guys managed to bring back a massive selection of materials which can be used in a variety of ways.  The idea is to just put all these lovely arty things out for the clients to use as they see fit – so carte blanche really!

Quality Street Wrapping

Wrappings from Quality Street

It is going to be interesting to see what the clients create – although so far, this really must be the most stunning.  Made from Angelina Fibre this butterfly wing is just heavenly.  In a previous blog I mentioned the idea of having these hanging from the trees in our garden – well the initial design has surpassed what I was envisaging – just amazing!

Butterfly Wing

Stunning Butterfly Wing made with Angelina Fibre

So all is going well in the art room!  Back in the garden, the greenhouse is full of seedlings, and hopefully during the course of this week we are going to get some essential items from B&Q in order to help move things on.  With May just round the corner – it feels like time is running away with us!

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