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Rachel visited Headway Shropshire last Friday to take more photos of the artwork being produced by the clients, and the progress in the garden and greenhouse following the generous delivery of goods from B&Q.

She was amazed by the amount of work already produced by the clients, and astounded by the beautiful colours being used on the backboards and various materials bought from Scrappies.

Painted Board 3

Amazing Colours and Patterns

The clients have obviously been busy as  five backboards have already been painted and look ready to go into the garden!  The use of colour and texture on the boards is wonderful.  Frank has confirmed that the clients who use the art room have been incredibly enthusiastic about the project and it has been a hive of activity in the past few weeks.

A Mass of Colour

An Array of Colour

This is evident in our photos – take a look on the photos page for more images!  Several of the boards were standing in the woodwork room, as they appear to be running out of space in the art room.

Rachel then went to check on the garden, and she was greeted with another pleasant surprise.  One of the raised beds, previously been empty on our last visit, was bursting with shrubs and bedding plants.

Raised Bed

Plants are Flourishing

It’s amazing how in the space of a few weeks nature really can bring things to life.  There has been plenty going on in the greenhouse too, as it was full of freshly sown seedlings, such as marigolds, sweet peas, and nasturtiums.

Tomato Plants

Grow Bag with Tomato Plants Sprouting

A grow bag with tomato plants, and behind the greenhouse a tub of potatoes!

We are delighted that the goods donated by B&Q have been fully utilised, including the mini greenhouse, which according to Terri, (a member of the Headway staff) the clients have found very useful to be able to just stand in front of and pot plants, without having to get into the greenhouse or bend down.

As the weather has been quite poor in the last week, it’s been easy for the clients to sit inside and pot up, which they thoroughly enjoyed and it’s kept everyone busy.


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I cannot believe we’re now into May.  We’ve been running this project for a good couple of months, although it has been in my head a lot longer!  I suppose it was always going to take some time sourcing materials and getting going, but I feel we are already on countdown and I’d really like to see lots of plants coming to life!

But hopefully we can now really get going as, thanks to the Shrewsbury branch of B&Q, this week supplies of compost, grow bags and seeds have been delivered to Headway Shropshire.  Plus we have a 4 tier mini greenhouse and 2 staging tables.  B&Q have been fantastic, we provided a wish list and they delivered it!  We have invited them to come along to the Show in August and help man the garden – their orange bibs will add a bit of colour.

Delivery from B&Q

Mick and Liz from B&Q pass the goods to Frank, Mike and Terry

We have also sourced – through B&Q – some suitable material to form the backdrop to the garden.  Once primed with a base coat, the art department can set to work creating their stunning feature.  Hopefully as work progresses I can post a few shots.

Next week Rachel is off down to meet with Heather from Wiggly Wigglers – we hope they are going to help us achieve our allotment themed garden, plus they have all sorts of wonderful garden ‘things’ such as colourful composters – not sure we need any worms though!

Of course we have the in-house volunteers, Rachel is tasked with sorting out who is growing what, and now of course we can call on some additional help from LG Solicitors – who we merged with on 1 May.

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